ACMAN Organised a City Walk in Abuja Nigeria, to Celebrate World Habitat Day 2021

TPL Godswill Unekwuojo Musa, presenting his speech

Association of City Managers in Nigeria (ACMAN), organised a city walk in Abuja, The federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, in celebration of World Habitat Day #WHD on 4th of October 2021, as part of the global Urban October activities.

The Walk was led by TPL. Godswill Unekwuojo Musa, Secretary General of ACMAN, and took place from the central area of Abuja and ended at the Abuja City Gate, 1 Umaru Musa Yar’Adua Road. An address was presented at the Abuja City Gate by the Secretary General on Need for Accelerating Urban Action for A Carbon-Free World.

You can read the Address here Need for Accelerating Urban Action for A Carbon-Free World; An Address by TPL. Godswill Unekwuojo Musa, Secretary General, Association of City Managers in Nigeria (ACMAN), During A City Walk in Celebration of World Habitat Day 2021, At the City Gate, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. – ASSOCIATION OF CITY MANAGERS IN NIGERIA

Urban October was developed to raise awareness, promote participation, generate knowledge and engage the international community towards a New Urban Agenda, in 31 days of promoting a Better Urban Future. Urban October starts with World Habitat Day (First Monday of the Month) and ends with World Cities Day on 31st October.

World Habitat Day (WHD) highlights the state of our towns and cities, as well as the basic right of adequate shelter for all. It also reminds us we all have the power and the responsibility to shape the future of our cities, towns, and communities. This year’s theme is Accelerating urban action for a carbon-free world.

The City walk was filled with interesting interractions with passers by especially in communicating the placards that reads: plant trees, reduce cutting trees, reduce paper waste, use electronic media. Another placard reads: use solar energy, use energy saving bulbs, turn off the lights not in use, use public transportation often, reduce air pollution. The third one reads: recycle your waste, save water from waste, harvest rainwater, don’t build on floodplains, properly dispose waste.



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