World Cleanup Day 2020

World Cleanup Day is the biggest event organized by Let’s Do It World (LDIW), a global organization that unites more than 150 countries. Each country has a leader or a group of leaders, who work day and night, often as volunteers, to mobilize the people in their countries for World Cleanup Day. Leaders come from all walks of life – strong women defying societal boundaries, environmentalists fighting for a better tomorrow, organizations uniting concerned citizens.

Each country is affected by the mismanaged waste in different ways. In some, waste is an issue managed by the government; in some, waste is something that the majority of the population is surrounded by; in others, waste and recycling provides thousands of jobs; in some, mismanaged waste is not such a huge issue and in some countries, mismanaged waste is a matter of life and death.

World cleanup day

Each country addresses the issues surrounding waste that are most pressing for them. LDIW provides guidance, advice and leadership skills for anyone willing to commit time to the cause. The incredible people leading these 180 countries are nothing short of being heroes of our time.

World cleanup day

Join Us as we join the rest of the world to celebrate world cleanup day. Engage your family, friends and neighbours in cleanup exercises in your homes, neighborhoods and cities, and share short videos and pictures with us through our email or social media: Facebook here, Twitter here, Instagram here and LinkedIn here , which will be published on ACMAN website.

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